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          1. About Us


            • 1995  GMI Technology Inc. Established Distribution for Realtek 
            • 2000  M&A Vector Electronics (established 1987) 
            • 2002  Distribution for SigmaTel & Etron 
            • 2003  Distribution for Toshiba (HDD) & Established GMI Technology Shanghai Limited 
            • 2005  Distribution for Intersil GMI Technology IPO in Taiwan 
            • 2006  Distribution for Actions Semiconductor 
            • 2007  Distribution for Hitachi (HDD) & AUO 
            • 2008  ERP/Oracle System Implementation Distribution for Toshiba (Semiconductors) &Jmicron 
            • 2009  VMI &Hub Management System with Oracle 
            • 2010  Stock Listing Transfer from OTC to TSEC (Taiwan Stock Exchange)
            • 2011  SinoTech M&A and Established Home Appliance Team 
            • 2012  Joint Venture With Willas-Array-GW Electronics Company Linited
            • 2013 NXP Design House (Inverter & Motor Control)
            • 2014 Distributor for Coretek and go into XPON market
            • 2017 Distribution for Chengdu Tsuhan Optical Components
            • 2018 Distribution for Spectra 7 Active Copper Cable Driver Module
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